Heat staking machines for sample production


Heat staking machines

Heat staking machines for sample production

The BHS Table Top heat staking system can be loaded and unloaded individually and manually. It is ideally suited for operation as a laboratory system. In addition to the compact design, the continuous process monitoring and the easy accessibility for operating the heat staking system also are advantages. The changeover of this machine is very easy thanks to the punch quick-change system. The heat staking system for sample production can be equipped with up to two staking heads. Two-handed operation makes it easy to load and unload the component with the sliding carriage. The software allows individual control for each staking head.

Table Top BHS heat staking machine

Hot riveting machine for sample production

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Manual work station

Suitable for the hot riveting process BHS HOT STAMP®

Menu-driven visualization with operator guidance and operating levels

Beckhoff control, Windows-based

Operating data logs

Recipe management

Manual loading and unloading


Freely adjustable process parameters

Complete process monitoring

Stamp quick change system

Technical data BHS Table Top

Dimensions (WxHxD) 560 mm 800 mm 790 mm
Electrical supply 1x230V/N/PE 10A 50Hz
Pneumatic supply per rivet button 200 l/min bei 6 bar, 20°C
Weight ca. 50 kg
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