Impregnation  B8300


Impregnation technology

Impregnation B8300

The fastest impregnation machine worldwide

The B8300 impregnation machine supplies high-quality and consistent impregnation results, has a recipe saving concept, fully automatic handling and offers maximum process control. This fully standardized machine solution can produce up to 500,000 parts per year, making it the fastest impregnation machine worlwide.

This system won the Global Award in the "Product of the Year" category at CWIEME Berlin, the industry's leading trade fair for e-mobility. Since then, several high-volume machines have been delivered to TIER1 automotive suppliers and car manufacturers. In that process, the process steps have been continuously developed and improved.

bdtronic manufactures the largest and fastest impregnation system in the world.

Impregnation plant for series production B8300


Process for hairpin/ S-winding of stators and rotors

Infeed winding

Trickle or roll dip impregnation process possible

Rotors and stators up to a maximum diameter of 255 mm, 45 kg


No rework necessary: clean, safe and reliable process

Process stability due to hot air technology and constant partial rotation

Complete process monitoring

bdtronic built first impregnation machines for automotive manufacturers and suppliers at the European and Asian market already in 2008.

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