Powder coating machine for stators


Powder coating

Powder coating machine for stators

Reliable and proven

Especially for hairpin or I-pin stators, the welding zones of the stator must be protected from external influences in order to achieve full electrical insulation. bdtronic offers a modern manufacturing process to coat the welding pins of the stators with epoxy powder to ensure a safe and reliable product.

The combination of a trickle impregnation and a powder coating machine in one production line offers great advantages:

  • Savings in floor space of 40 percent
  • Savings of up to 50 percent in heating costs and process time for heating
  • High quality with full process control
  • Cost effective solution
  • Minimal resin consumption

In addition to fully automatic systems for series production, we also offer individual solutions. Please contact us!

Powder coating machine

Designed for manual use in development and laboratory environments.


Uniform coverage of the welding tips

Bridging between the individual pins is minimized

Reaches hard to reach spots

Flexible assembly cells


Combination of impregnation and powder coating plant saves floor space and heating costs

Highest quality standards

Proven track record

Cost effective solution

Technical data

Dimensions 3 m 2 m
Stator size 60 - 450 mm diameter up to 70 kg
Pins one or two-sided
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