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Through the dispensing method bonding, two or more joining partners are joined together. Effective bonding enables a material-to-material bond without introducing heat and causing possible damage to components. Ideally, in the case of plastic parts, activation of the surface takes place by means of atmospheric or low-pressure plasma. During application, the surface and material remain unchanged. Bonding therefore does not affect factors of the component such as mechanics, aerodynamics or aesthetics.

As a rule, the process consists of two steps: First, the adhesive is applied and then the parts are joined. In this process, the adhesive is applied to defined areas on the outside or inside of the component. Crosslinking of the adhesive takes place through material-specific properties. In addition to a variety of industrial sectors such as medical technology, electronics production, lightweight construction, this dispensing process is frequently used in the automotive sector. Adhesive bonding is used, for example, in electronic control units, LiDAR sensors, cameras and many more.

Fast-curing adhesives call for equipment designed for high-speed dispensing processes, such as our B5600 dispensing system with dynamic mixing head and PPS pail preparation system.

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