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The processing of battery cells requires special process know-how and a lot of experience. Different hot riveting applications are used for battery packs. The busbars are fixed via rivet points, the insulators, cooling plates or frames and side parts or stiffening plates and spacer plates are caulked. Different material pairings can be found: Plastic-metal, plastic-plastic, plastic-FR4 and plastic-isothermal materials.

Since a large number of closely positioned riveting points are required here due to the component size and necessary holding force as well as stability, bdtronic offers special machine solutions for battery applications. Depending on the application, the requirements and the ideal process method to be used vary.

When joining the assembly, the expansion of the battery cells must be taken into account. The complex assemblies thus have large tolerances, and must be joined securely without critical temperature input to the cells. At the same time, joining applications must also hold large strengths. Different heat staking methods are thus used here, depending on the application and specification.  All in all, only thermal BHS riveting methods are used, since both electronic components and metal sheets must be processed without vibration.  Due to the size and weight of the modules and the high number of riveting points located at short intervals, we have developed a special equipment platform for battery applications for prototyping and series production.

Heat staking | BHS HOT AIR® in Battery Cell Management Controller

There are numerous hot rivet applications in the processing of battery modules.

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