bdtronic at Bondexpo 2018 / Hall 6 booth 6410

bdtronic to present at booth 6410 innovative solutions for high-dispensing volumes as well as micro dispensing / new twostep heat staking technology BHS HOT AIR® showcased for the first time

The application of thermally conductive materials or Gap Filler calls for high-dispensing volumes as well as a robust mixing and a precise dispensing system. The drum preparation system (DPS) for large volume feeding systems enables longer productions times and means less time of drum changes. A combination with the static mixing Duplex+ Multi-String© technology is the perfect solution for EV & HEV battery production. 

Regarding micro dispensing applications bdtronic showcases a whole range of products. The heart of the series is the mini-dis control unit. The device makes high-precision dispensing in the microliter range easy. The control unit can be combined with 1-component, 2-component or two 1-component micro dispenser. With a footprint of only 0.42 square meters the MPS-mini is the suitable material preparation system: two cartridges with a capacity up to five liters (A and B component) can dispense, feed, degas, recirculate, regulate temperature and refill. The MPS-mini execute all the functions that the proven material preparation MPS offers. The customer can assemble all products from the bdtronic range of micro dispensing units individually.

In addition, bdtronic introduces the new BHS HOT AIR® two-step hot riveting process. Two-step technology means that two modules in two stations carry out the heating and hot riveting process simultaneously. This reduces the cycle time significantly. Products with up to twelve rivet pins can be processed. Bdtronic presents the semi-automatic B7712 BHS for the first time at Bondexpo. In addition to BHS HOT STAMP® and BHS HOT JET®, bdtronic now provides another joining method for form-closing connections of thermoplastics with any other materials. Bondexpo: Bondexpo is the international trade fair for bonding technology. With a clear and consistent focus on the process chain of joining/bonding by means of gluing, moulding, sealing and foaming, detailed and system solutions are offered for present and future challenges in the field of joining and bonding the broadest range of materials.

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The new BHS HOT AIR® two-step hot riveting process