bdtronic welcomes fiscal package to help economic recovery

Manufacturing technologies for H/EV motors, batteries and electronic components ready for increasing demand

The German government decided on a €130 billion fiscal package to help economic recovery and equip Germany for the future. One aim of the package is to foster technologies that will be important in future, e.g. better promoting electric vehicles. The premium for purchasing electric vehicles will be doubled to provide an incentive to buy and OEM and the supply industry will receive a bonus program for developing new technologies.

“We welcome the decisions taken by the federal government”, says Patrick Vandenrhijn, CEO of bdtronic. “As a result, the demand for electric cars will rise and production capacities will have to be increased in the short term. With our technologies of dispensing, impregnation, hot riveting and plasma we are the ideal partner for the mobility of the future. We offer manufacturing technologies for H/EV motors, batteries and electronic components.”

bdtronic has unique process expertise and experience in the impregnation of electric motors for the automotive industry. The company offers different machine concepts for the trickle impregnation of H/EV motors and has installed the fastest high-volume machines to OEMs and Tier1 automotive suppliers worldwide with a cycle time of 45 sec per motor.

Furthermore, bdtronic is going to present soon new and additional solutions for the production of hairpin stator.

Within its business unit dispensing, bdtronic manufactures equipment that protects for instance cameras or radar sensors in self-driving cars from dirt, moisture or overheating and component damage due to vibration. In order to achieve this, housings with electronics must be sealed with glue or potted and components on printed circuit boards securely fixed. bdtronic’s equipment is used in all of these applications.

“With a new manufacturing site covering 6500 sqm in Weikersheim and further big investments in people and the sites in Italy and USA where we doubled also capacity, we are ready to provide the right solutions, which we have been working for years, for e-mobilty and autonomous driving, where the market is asking for,” explains Patrick Vandenrhijn. bdtronic has invested heavily in their production sites in Germany, Italy and in the US in order to double capacities. Today, more than 450 employees work in Weikersheim and in the subsidiaries in Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, the United States, Mexico and China.

On the application of thermal interface materials and the impregnation of H/EV motors – key technologies for electromobility and autonomous driving – bdtronic will share information during a live webinar presentation on June 17, and June 25, 2020.

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