Vacuum Potting, Bonding, Sealing, Foaming And Coating - All From One Hand.

Whether it is automotive electronics, electrical, filter, medical or other industries - we are your provider for professional mixing and dispensing technology.

Our long experience as a manufacturer of dispensing equipment guarantees process stability for your application. We provide high end dispensing and encapsulation equipment technology from the material preparation to the application of liquid until paste-like reactive resins such as polyurethanes, epoxies and silicone. 


Vacuum Potting Equipment

Vacuum encapsulation with material to protect against external influences

  • Cable penetrations
  • Sensors



Vacuum potting

Encapsulation equipment with material to protect against external influences under vacuum potting conditions

  • Cable penetrations
  • Sensors

Application of thermal conductive pastes

Gap Filler dispensing application in battery packs

Dispensing application of liquid thermal interface materials for an effective heat dissipation and thermal management in electronic devices like  

  • Heat sinks
  • PCBs
  • Battery systems in H/EV (hybrid and electric) vehicles
  • Engine manufacturing
  • Power electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Entertainment and consumer electronics (Smartphones and tablets)

Video of a theramlly conductive Gap Filler DowSilTM TC 4525 A/B

Video of a thermally conductive Gap Filler dispensing application with Wacker Semicosil 963 TC A/B

Download product information high-volume dispensing technology for EV & HEV

Sealing with Encapsulation Equipment

Application of cured/formed-in-place gaskets

  • Casing 
  • Case cover 


Adhesive application for bonding various materials with vacuum potting equipment

  • Bonding of door handles
  • Bonding of lamps for truck loading racks