Micro dispensing

bdtronic offers a product line for micro dispensing applications.

The heart of the product family is the mini-dis control unit. The device makes high-precision dispensing in the microliter range easy. The control unit can be combined with 1-component, 2-component or two 1-component micro dispenser. The MPS-mini and cartridge systems for 10 ccm, 30 ccm and 55 ccm cartridges complete the micro dispensing product line.

The customer can assemble all products from the bdtronic range of micro dispensing units individually.

Easy. Precise. mini-dis control.

mini-dis control makes dispensing in the microliter range easy. In addition, the control unit meets highest quality standards. Optimum process control and regulation of the motors guarantees highest precision and accuracy. All relevant parameters are completely monitored. The innovative mixing tube monitoring saves material and costs. The integrated material and recipe database can store up to 1,000 materials and process parameters.

mini-dis control guarantees optimum process control and regulation of the motors as well as a complete monitoring of all relevant parameters. In addition to process-reliable and precise metering in the microliter range, the device also enables the highest precision and accuracy. The control unit has a modern and simple design with a fanless metal housing. Operation is done via a multitouch color display. Navigation is as easy as with a smartphone.