Dispensing systems


Small and compact

Cartridges for processing low-viscosity to high-viscosity metering materials

A process-safe material supply of the dosing system is solved for smallest quantities by a cartridge system. Further significant advantages are the short downtimes due to the quick-change system, the compact design and lightweight construction, the relief of the connection thread on the material cartridge, the easy operation and a clean operation. The commercially available, compact and space-saving cartridges can be used in various sizes.

Cartridge systems for micro dispensing applications

For micro dispensing applications typically 10cc, 30cc, 55cc and EURO as well as SEMCO (6oz, 12oz, 20oz, 32oz) cartridges are used. bdtronic offers different cartridge emptying systems in the field of micro dispensing.

Fields of application

The dispensing process bonding is used to join two or more joining partners.

Optimal protection for electronic components is offered by the dispensing process potting under atmosphere or under vacuum.

The sealing dispensing process is an effective method of protecting components from external influences by means of a barrier.

Thermally conductive pastes provide effective thermal management in electronic devices.

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