Autonomous Driving & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) 


Safe driving

Autonomous Driving & Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) 

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Most of the road accidents happen because of human faults. That is why ADAS has been developed: for road and car safety and better driving. The ADAS alerts the driver if problems occur and when taking control of the vehicle is necessary. There are more adaptive features which may assist in lane departure and lane centering, automate lighting, traffic warnings and many more. 

The autonomous or self-driving vehicle requires advanced sensor technology, intelligent control and actuators. Safety comes first. Autonomous vehicles move in a targeted manner and without the driver intervening in the driving process. 

Process solutions for ADAS applications

Autonomous driving & driver assistance


Process solutions for radar / LiDAR (ADAS domain controller / radar sensors)

Technically complex electronic components such as radar, LiDAR systems and other ADAS systems and sensors require high-performance thermal management solutions.


Plasma for surface activation before bonding for radar / LiDAR and ADAS systems

Before applying the adhesive, the housing is pretreated with plasma to improve the adhesion of the adhesive to the housing.

Heat staking

Heat staking for radar / LiDAR and ADAS systems

Our heat staking systems are used to fix the radome in the radar housing.


Potting ultrasonic sensors

Potting parking sensors and ultrasonic sensors for efficient functionality, protection from external influences, etc.


Application of thermally conductive materials on FAS cameras

Dispensing thermal interface materials on sensitive electrical components in cameras efficiently protect against extreme temperature fluctuations.

Heat staking

Joining FAS cameras with heat staking technology

Heat staking is a component-friendly joining technology for sensitive electronic components.

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Sales worldwide


Date: 07.12.2021

Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021

We look forward to a virtual get-together on December 07 - 09, 2021 at the Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021
Date: 14.09.2021
Novi, Michigan - USA

EV Tech Expo

Visit us at North America’s largest exhibition and conference for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle technology
Date: 20.04.2021

On-Demand Webinar @ Charged Virtual Conference

We will inform about the advantages of trickle impregnation compared to other technologies and show how it can be combined in-line with a powder coating process for the protection of hairpin welding points in a cost-effective way and dispensing processes commonly used in manufacturing of battery storage systems and power electronics.