Hot Riveting Applications

Hot riveting, also called heat staking, can be used for many different kinds of joining applications. The bdtronic hot riveting technology BHS is an alternative joining technology for a form-closing joint of of thermoplastics to any other material.

Benefits of Hot Riveting

  • no consumables 
  • dust-free
  • vibration-free
  • maximal joint strength
  • no sticking
  • cost-effective
  • clean
  • environmentally friendly
  • single-step technology

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Hot Riveting application


  • Joining together of two thermoplastics (thermal joining of plastics)
  • Joining together of a thermoplastic and other materials (thermal riveting of plastics and e.g. different types of metals like aluminum)

Hot Riveting method joining by flanging

Joining by flanging

  • Centric enclosing of magnets or optics (deformation and joining technology of plastics)

Hot Riveting method closing


  • Closing of holes from blow forming and die casting processes

Hot Riveting method countersunk riveting

Countersunk riveting

  • Riveting with flat surface

Hot Riveting method embedding


  • Embedding of metal nuts

Hot Riveting method anchoring


  • Joining of insulating and mesh material

Hot Riveting method joining


  • Fixing of PCB or lid, joining head or back lighting, joining modules

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