Static and dynamic mixing units

The selection of the mixing system of single and multi-component reactive resins depends on technical processing parameters such as viscosity, mixing ration, pot life and on chemical and physical characteristics. We are using different mixing principles.

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Static mixing systems

bdtronic static mixing system

This high quality static mixing method is suitable for low viscosity to paste-like materials with abrasive fillers and a longer pot life. A cleaning process is not required. The resin mixing system is space saving and has a low weight. The material flows are mixed in a disposable tube.


Benefits of High Quality Resin Mixers

  • High mixing quality also at difficult mixing ratios
  • Low viscosity to paste-like materials
  • Filled & unfilled materials
  • Abrasive & non-abrasive fillers
  • No cleaning process required
  • Space saving and light-weight

Dynamic mixing chambers

dispensing technology dynamic mixing

This high quality mixing procedure is suitable for low to medium viscosity materials such as resin. With the dynamic mixing difficult mixing rations are mixable and a mixing ration of 100:1 is possible. Due to the low height there is only a low impact pressure. The material is mixed in a mixing chamber with rotating mixing agitators with up to 6,000 rpm.

Benefits of High Quality Viscosity Mixing Machines

  • Really high quality mixing equipment also at difficult mixing rations 100:1 to 1:1
  • Suitable for materials with a short pot life
  • Large viscosity differences mixable
  • Low to medium viscosity materials
  • Filled & unfilled materials
  • Abrasive & non-abrasive fillers
  • Low pressure in material system
  • High mixing speed with up to 6,000 rpm

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