Dispensing machines for integration


Dispensing machines

Dispensing machines for integration

Full package

The B5000 integration system is designed for high production rates and can be integrated into your manufacturing process as a complete package.

The integration modules always solve all types of dispensing tasks precisely and reliably. The dispensing machine is characterized by complete process monitoring, product data tracking during production, and inline capability. With the B5000, bdtronic offers a comprehensive process module with different axis systems for a wide range of dispensing applications.


Integration system


Fully automatic integration package

3D axis system mounted on table top for integration

Dispensing of single and multi-component materials

Menu-driven visualization with operator guidance and operating levels

Beckhoff control, Windows-based


Complete package for integration into your automation solution

Free adjustable mixing ratio

Recipe management

Operational data logs

Process control

Product data tracking during production

Technical Data B5000

Dimensions (WxHxD) 990 / 1.190 / 1.490 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm
Travel range 445 / 645 / 945 mm (X axis) 700 mm (Y Axis) 200 mm (Z axis)

Configuration and expansion options

The dispensing machines from bdtronic can be flexibly configured depending on the area of application and perfectly matched to the respective application. The following variation options are available.

Dispensing heads

1K dispensing structure

1K dispensing assembly mini-dis (microdispensing)

2K static dispensing unit for liquid dispensing materials

2K static dispensing assembly for pasty dispensing materials

2K static dispensing system mini-dis (micro dispensing)

2K dynamic dispensing system

Dispensing combined with plasma head VP4

Multi-head applications

Material preparation

Material preparation mini-MPSĀ 

Material preparation MPS with transfer stations 200l, 1000l


Material preparation CPS for cartridges

Material preparation PPS for hobbock containers

Material preparation DPS for 200l drums

Buffer storage

Additional functions

Precision weighing module

Needle check

Needle cleaning

Dummy shot incl. parking position for UV or moisture-curing metering materials

Cleaner recirculation unit

ESD equipment

RFID units, barcode scanners, component recognition

Process, product and machine data monitoring

Database connection MDE/BDE, traceability

Component handling

Integration in production lines and automation processes

Integration to processes with rotary indexing table

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