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Dispensing machines

Manual workstations

Quality and efficiency

Not every bonding or potting task requires a fully automatic dispensing system. For single part production or small batch production, our manual dispensing machines are just right. Due to the compact machine design, the manual workstations give the operator optimum freedom of movement and can be integrated into almost any workplace.

They can be used for processing 1K, static or dynamic dosing materials to be mixed. All components for process monitoring and standardized interfaces are available. The manual workstations combine efficiency, flexibility and quality in one.


Manual or integrable dosing machine for various dosing applications

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Dispensing of single and multi-component materials

Menu-driven visualization with operator guidance and operating levels

Beckhoff control, Windows-based

Operating data logs

Recipe management


Freely adjustable mixing ratio

Flexible construction

Compact machine design

Pot life monitoring, automatic flushing

Processing of low-viscosity to pasty reaction casting resins

Technical data

Dimensions (WxHxD) 900 mm 1.570 mm 1.015 mm
Travel range 200 mm (Y-Achse) 100 mm (Z axis)
Electrical supply 400 V / 50 Hz 16 A Fuse
Pneumatic supply max. 6 bar
Weight approx. 200 kg

Configuration and expansion options

The dispensing systems from bdtronic can be flexibly configured according to the area of application and perfectly matched to the respective application. The following variation options are available.

Dispensing heads 

1K dosing assembly 

1K dispensing system mini-dis (micro dispensing) 

2K static metering assembly for liquid metering materials 

2K static metering assembly for pasty metering materials 

2K static metering system mini-dis (micro-metering) 

2K dynamic dosing system 

Multi-head applications manual

Material processing

Material preparation mini-MPS  

Material preparation MPS with transfer stations 200l, 1000l 


Small quantity cartridges

Material preparation CPS for cartridges 

Material preparation PPS for hobbock containers 

Material preparation DPS for 200l drums

Buffer storage 

Container rack


B1000 as manual workstation with work table 

B1000 for integration 

B1000 assembly on frame 

B1000 swivel arm 

B1000 swivel-bend arm 

B1000 linear support arm 

B1000 articulated support arm 

B1000 motorized rotating unit 

B1000 Dispensing gun with balancer 

B1000 Adjustment slide manual 

Further variations on request

Additional features

Scale (manual) 

Dummy shot incl. parking position for UV or moisture curing dosing materials 

Cleaner recirculation unit 

ESD equipment 

Hand scanner for recipe selection 

Process, product and machine data monitoring 

Database connection MDE/BDE, traceability

Component handling

manual workstation via foot switch, start button, joystick 

manual workstation via rotary axis 

Integration in production lines and automation processes

Variation possibility as bend-swivel arm 2K Duplex

Contact our sales team for more information. Together we will find the right configuration for your dispensing application.
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