Plasma integration systems


Plasma systems

Plasma integration systems

Integration module

The B5000-VP4 automatic plasma machine for plasma pre-treatment of surfaces is designed for high production rates and can be integrated into your production and automation process as a complete package. The plasma machine is particularly characterised by complete process monitoring, product data tracking during production and inline capability. Due to the high degree of automation, our market-driven solution increases productivity while maintaining quality. The machine is suitable for plasma and dispensing combinations. 

B5000 VP4

The B5000-VP4 integration system is available in various designs for integration, such as with a frame, table top or a 3-axis system.


Fully automatic integration package

3D axis system mounted on table top for integration

Extraction must be provided on the customer's side

Menu-driven visualisation with operator guidance and operating levels

Beckhoff control, Windows-based


Complete package for integration into your automation solution

Recipe management

Operating data protocols 

Process monitoring

Product data tracking during production

Technical data B5000

Dimensions (WxHxD) 990 / 1.190 / 1.490 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm
Traversing range 445 / 645 / 945 mm (X-axis) 700 mm (Y-axis) 200 mm (Z-axis)
Plasma power 500 -1.000 W
Length with standard nozzle 313 mm
Length with potential-free nozzle 323 mm
Width, depth 110 mm
Weight 4,5 kg
Protection class IP54
Process gas Compressed air

Configuration and extension options

The plasma systems from bdtronic can be flexibly configured depending on the area of application and perfectly matched to the respective application. The following variation options are available.

Plasma heads

Plasma head VP4

Dispensing combined with plasma head VP4 

Double-head plasma application

Additional functions

Performance monitoring

Working voltage monitoring

Ignition monitoring

Pressure monitoring 

Gas flow monitoring/control 

Operating hours counter 

Power 50 - 100 %

ESD equipment 

RFID units, barcode scanner, component recognition

Process, product and machine data monitoring 

Database connection MDE/BDE, traceability

Component handling

Integration in production lines and automation processes

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