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Plasma systems

VP4 Plasma

Atmospheric pressure plasma

The VP4 atmospheric pressure plasma device is used prior to processes that require a clean and polar surface for adhesion. Through continuously monitoring of relevant parameters, the VP4 technology enables stable and repeatable processes. The plasma system as an integration solution can be integrated into your production solution, whether lean production, fully automated line production or robot handling.

To achieve perfect energy efficiency, the compact plasma setup does not use high voltage cables with high losses. The air consumption is automatically adjusted with the power change.

The transformer is integrated into the plasma head and offers the following advantages:

  • Robust, vibration-resistant construction through full encapsulation 
  • Silicone- and lead-free
  • Active cooling of the plasma head
  • Power chain suitable cable (optionally suitable for robots)
  • High power density
  • Higher distances to components are possible

The variable Plasma VP4 is a bdtronic in-house development and offers numerous advantages.

VP4 plasma unit

The VP4 plasma integration unit ist delivered with a control cabinet, touch panel and selected handshake.

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Active cooling

Base plate for fastening

Quick-change system nozzle and electrode 

Standard nozzle, electrical cable to the control cabinet (standard plug connection)

Optional low potential nozzle

Compressed air connection


Beckhoff control, Windows-based

Operating data logs

Recipe management

Continuous power adjustment (incl. gas flow control)

Menu-driven visualisation with operator guidance and operating levels

Technical data VP4

Dimensions (WxHxD) 600 x 600 x 300 mm
Plasma power 500 - 1.000 W
Length with standard nozzle 313 mm
Length with potential-free nozzle 323 mm
Width, depth  110 mm
Weight 4,5 kg
Protection class IP54
Process gas Compressed air

Configuration and extension options

bdtronic's plasma machines can be flexibly configured according to the area of application and perfectly matched to the respective application. The following variation options are available.

Plasma heads

Plasma head VP4

Dispensing combined with plasma head VP4

Double-head plasma application

Additional functions

Performance monitoring

Working voltage monitoring

Ignition monitoring

Pressure monitoring

Gas flow monitoring/ control

Operating hours counter

Power 50 - 100 % 

ESD equipment

Process, product and machine data monitoring

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