Hot Riveting system BHS HOT STAMP®

The bdtronic heat staking technology BHS HOT STAMP® is a joining technology for joining thermoplastics. It includes a riveting head with a quick-change stamp, internal air cooling and high accurate temperature regulation. These features allow a stress-free heating up of the riveting pin to the desired melting temperature to create a strong joint on PCBs. Individual process control and a unique stamp design

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bdtronic hot riveting method BHS Hot Stamp

First the riveting stamp heats up to the desired melting temperature, the nozzle is then placed with pin height identification to begin enamel formation while the end position is monitored. While in the end position, the stamp cools off within seconds to provide a string-free peeling off.

Heat Staking System

  • Suitable for all thermoplastics (high percentage of glass fiber, chromed)
  • Allows combinations of thermoplastics and other materials
  • No additional consumables such as screws and adhesive materials required
  • No mechanical impacts
  • No thermal stress
  • Suitable for PCB assembly
  • Cost-efficient (long shelf life of stamp, Single-Step technology)
  • Environmentally friendly (no waste, low noise, no burning smell, dust-free, energy-efficient)
  • Single-Step technology
  • Continuous process control

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