Automotive electronics 


Automotive electronics 

Process solutions for automotive electronics

The use of our dispensing systems, plasma devices and heat staking solutions extend the service life of electronic vehicle components and effectively protect them from contamination.

Dispensing processes

Our dispensing machines with highest process control and precision for any dispensing application guarantee maximum protection for sensitive automotive electronics. Typical dispensing applications with our dispensing machines for automotive electronics are

  • Potting / thermal potting of PCB, sensors and other electronic parts 
  • Vacuum potting of sensitive automotive electronic components 
  • Gluing / bonding of lids, housings and many more  
  • Fixation of capacitors and other automotive electronic components 
  • Application / dispensing of thermal interface material (TIM) between housings and PCB and further components which require a better heat dissipation 
  • Sealing / gasketing (FIPG – formed in-place gasket, CIPG – cured in-place gasket) of housings and other automotive electronic parts 
  • Adhesive bonding of different automotive electronic components 
Plasma applications

Using plasma pretreatment with our plasma machines before the dispensing application optimally prepares material surfaces and significantly improves bonding properties. Our plasma cleaner equipment offers a plasma treatment method for long-lasting adhesion, clean and polar surfaces with no residues and sufficient surface energy for a subsequent processing with our dispensing machines. Plasma applications used for automotive electronics are typically 

Heat staking applications

Heat staking is a permanent selective and form-locked joining process were no consumable materials such as screws are required. With our heat staking machines, we can process all thermoplastics for joining electronic assemblies. Heat staking is not only gentle on sensitive electronics it also produces no dust or chips. Joining applications using heat staking technology for automotive electronic components are in particular  

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Automotive electronics are electronic systems used in vehicles such as engine management, ignition, radio, carputers, telematics, in-car entertainment systems and many more. Ignition, engine and transmission electronics are also found in trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and other internal combustion powered machinery like forklifts, tractors and excavators. There are also related elements for control of relevant electrical systems in hybrid vehicles and electric cars.   

Electronic systems grew to an increasingly large component of the entire cost of a vehicle. In 1950 was its value around 1% and in 2010 it grew to 30%. These days, modern electric vehicles depend on power electronics for the main propulsion motor control and managing the battery system. Moreover, in the future autonomous cars will even more rely on powerful computer systems, more sensors, networking and satellite navigation systems – and all of them require electronics. 

Sensors in a vehicle 

Sensors, specifically used in a car are devices for detecting or measuring physical properties from its surroundings and recording, indicating or otherwise responding to it. Modern vehicles take large amounts of data at a time from the sensors installed into their computer systems; these include engine sensors, relays and actuators. Sensors in a vehicle have to operate in harsh conditions and provide as efficient results as possible. Our dispensing machines, plasma cleaner equipment and heat staking machines provides maximum protection against external environmental influences for automotive electronics. 

Sensors in the engine

To determine a flawless air-fuel mix for an optimum fuel consumption practically all modern and common car engines use a variety of different car sensors to collect the right information. 

All of these sensors have to operate efficiently and without faults. To protect the sensitive electronic components from thermal, mechanical and chemical influences they need to be treated with our process technologies. Our product portfolio includes complementary technologies plasma pretreatment, dispensing, heat staking and resin varnishing. 


Date: 07.12.2021

Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021

We look forward to a virtual get-together on December 07 - 09, 2021 at the Electric Drives Production Conference (E|DPC) 2021
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EV Tech Expo

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On-Demand Webinar @ Charged Virtual Conference

We will inform about the advantages of trickle impregnation compared to other technologies and show how it can be combined in-line with a powder coating process for the protection of hairpin welding points in a cost-effective way and dispensing processes commonly used in manufacturing of battery storage systems and power electronics.