Hot Riveting Capabilities

Heat Stake & Hot Air Technology

bdtronic has introduced advanced heat stake, or hot riveting, technology with both a hot air (Hot Jet) and Hot Stamp methods. Our approach is to control all important variables such as temperature, force and distance. This ensures consistent hot riveting strength and results. 

The bdtronic BHS hot riveting technology is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. This hot staking machine technology is a clean, reliable and economical solution for your joining process. A single head heats up a thermoplastic dome, forms a rivet and instantly cools down to achieve a maximum strong joint. 

Our BHS hot riveting systems come with active dynamic temperature regulation even in the smallest process temperature windows. Our heat staking technology can handle all types of thermoplastic materials, including the most difficult engineering resins with glass filters. 

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BHS Hot Stamp® Hot Staking Machine

The BHS Hot Stamp® procedure is in particular suitable for temperature and pressure sensitive components and rivet surroundings as well as for tight design spaces.

Benefits BHS Hot Stamp®

  • Low mechanical impacts
  • No thermal stress
  • Suitable for PCB assembly


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BHS Hot Jet®

The BHS Hot Jet® has been own developed by bdtronic to create extra strong joints.

Benefits BHS Hot Jet® Hot Staking Machine

  • No mechanical impact
  • Reduced thermal stress
  • Homogeneous heating all around the rivet pin
  • Maximum joint strength


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Process control of Hot Staking Machines